About Talking Heads Studio

Talking Heads Studio was founded by Tracey Howard, an expert in the marketing research industry. Talking Heads Studio is comprised of a team with over 20 years of combined client and field management experience; we know what it takes to recruit and field the most complicated projects, anticipating potential problems and finding quick, creative solutions. We’re solution seekers and the best at what we do, insuring that your project is seamless and successful. We’re your boots on the ground. Experienced in all types of field (focus groups, CLT, HUT, Pop-up), online (bulletin boards, blogs). Our team has a longstanding history for delivering outstanding recruiting, interviewing, and project management for all methodologies.


We take a proactive approach to all projects and are unmatched in our ability to deliver insight and service to our clients. Our database is constantly updated bringing untapped sources of respondents to your projects. We're experts in Atlanta (live, work, and recruit locally); we partner with the best local teams nationally. Consumer, B2B, Medical.


Relationships with the best facilities locally and nationally: city, suburban, urban and alternative.

Tracey Howard


Tracey has a wide range of talents and experience serving scores of clients in a full range of qualitative research services as a director of qualitative services, moderator for in-person and online methodologies, focus group facility director and consultant for participant management platforms.

After graduating from Vanderbilt University, Ms. Howard started her career as one of the youngest teachers in the Nashville public school system at the age of 20, teaching early childhood and secondary students. After earning her masters degree in Administration and Supervision, she left teaching and began working as an educational consultant/reporter for local media. Ms. Howard’s media work took her to Atlanta where she combined her media experience with marketing research. First working with local television stations, ultimately with a local cable network and, finally, focused all of her energies in the marketing research arena.

Her combined experiences in education, media and market research have given her persuasive communication skills, engaging consumers of all ages and income levels on a personal level. 

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