There is an ever increasing demand for businesses to get results in a quick time line.  Our experience and core values are integrated into all levels and functions of our organization which allows us to meet your time line without sacrificing quality.

Project Management
  • Multi-city project management
  • Off-site research coordination
  • One Project Manager – a single source for all your recruiting updates, questions, and research needs
  • Recruitment screener creation
  • Facility services (checking availability, A/V, food, etc.)

  • Our database is a reflection of Atlanta’s diverse, cross-section of individuals.  Our recruiters are a locally based team out of Atlanta who proactively look for respondents using a variety of methods, including taking advantage of information technology and social networking; constantly bringing untapped sources of respondents to your project.
  • We recruit locally for Atlanta area for national projects, we have trusted local recruiting and facility partners across the U.S. This partnership has allowed us to expand our reach should your project require other markets. Our partners represent primary and secondary markets in the Southeast, East, Midwest, and West. Please let us know the markets you are seeking along with the criteria and we will provide quick feedback on the feasiblility. 
Reporting Services
  • Report Writing
  • Transcription
  • Focus Groups, In-depth Interviews, Dyads/Buddy Pairs
  • Online: Bulletin Boards, Surveys, In-depth interviews
  • Telephone Interviews
  • Ethnographies
  • Jury Research: Conventional Setting or Hotel
  • Shop Chats / Friends’ Night Out Bar Shadowing
  • Dining Groups
  • Usability Lab / Web Surfing

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